Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Funny" Story - Get What Ya Tweet Especially When Its Cheap

A short time ago, in a night club a few steps away...

The legend took on a new beat.

As he danced slowly with aching feet Jared sent out the following tweet. So Amy told me that she's gonna beat me up. I don't how or when because he don't know how to fend.

Mr My SK Only knew too well, waking up from a blackout has all ways bean the trend.
Blowing smoke in her facebook, it was no longer a matter of when.

*breaks down in laughter at this*

*shaking head, still laughing*


Up the stairs he went with a pickle for a head. Smiling all the while he can't remember what what was said.

Drawing his fag this ugly old bag began to punch his face went crunch. 3 times awake 2 smokes she take. Well threw on the ground and crushed all around.

After that, fans came rushing back.
With smoke in hand, Big Mac attacked.
The cab was called and laughter we all falled.

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☺♥☺ yours truly, Jared ☺♥☺

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  1. Hahahhhaaahaa u r just awesome i loved each word u wrote , i feel like i wanna start smoking like Britbrit i'd look so sexy lol , i want u to spread ur blog in twitter more n more im sure ur tweeps will enjoy it so much like i do xoxoxoxoxoxo love u 4 ever