Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Life Changing Experience

First, I want to say... Do Not Eat Instant Mr. Noodles brand "noodles in a cup". They contain cotton seed oil which is not for human consumption. Look it up. I only did the search because of the terrible smell of gas that was very unusual to my voracious appetite for oriental noodles. I knew something was wrong so I looked at the ingredients and cotton seed oil popped right out at me. Cotton is for clothing, not eating. Who dreams these schemes up? Keep the cotton out of my food, thanks. I think it may actually be poisonous so I am washing it all down with water, garlic, onions and pork chops. Not to mention the pile of carrots and cauliflower dipped in ranch dressing. All that and I can still smell a rank smell coming from what is normally the toxic waste dump of stomachs. Things tend to burn up pretty fast with my metabolism, normally. This past couple months has been very different however. In fact, it has now been 5 days since my last cigarette which is likely the reason my sense of smell has come back with a vengeance. I have been smelling things from far away and it really bothers me. I have no choice with my current budget as I wait for a rental supplement and volunteer more time here just to make extra money for groceries. A numbness in my left hand is motivating me to become more physically active and scaring me into quitting smoking. Like I needed another reason, I'm making a list of things to buy with extra money which includes 1 GB DDR2 PC5300 Memory and some back up rechargeable batteries to start. Many year ago, I did the same thing and used all my smoking budget  for computer upgrades, site hosting memory and storage. Making this commitment is not that difficult since it has been on my plate for a long time, beating the nicotine fits are a minor challenge at this point since they say after 3 days it is out of your system and the rest is mental. I can tell you, luckily I got through the worst of it over the long weekend. Sleep and rest was essential to avoiding the nic fits. So please do not smoke around me, offer me a smoke, ask me about smoking or the ridiculous new cigarette package design, which by the way is certainly not the reason I am quitting. I am quitting for science!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Work Experience

2012 is turning out to be a busy year. Having begun mental and physical heath recovery, meetings with all types of professionals, completing a life skills course at the Regina Food Bank and REACH cooking class. Spring has brought the most significant change with a move down-town, into Regina's newest facility for persons with serious mental health conditions. At the same time, the NOW Program at Partners In Employment got under way to help facilitate returning to the work place. Five weeks later, with the 'in class' portion completed, supervised on the job training began. Daily projects being completed ahead of schedule using Corel Draw X6 are a step in the right direction. Here is a sample of what the latest new program for designers can do using the contour tool and fish eye lens tool combined with a magnified effect. The fish appears to have a larger eye and is turning to face the camera.... possibly getting ready to jump off the screen!

Image designed using Corel Draw X6
Original photo edited in 2006 graphic design school using Adobe PhotoShop / Illustrator

Friday, November 18, 2011

Game / Web Designers Read This

A funny thing happened to me this morning/afternoon when I ridiculously overslept due to staying up unbelievably later the previous night, to play the game Edgeworld. I woke up with a great idea. You see I have spent an inhumanly dangerous amount of time playing the game Edgeworld by KABAAM lately. I find it very interesting how the game incorporates a chat window with making alliances and building your base harvesting resources with the goal of making the strongest base in the top alliance. Things get pretty wild when the game opens and entire new sector for new player as well as veterans in older sectors. The chat window is a blaze with wild and outrageous comments, claims, advertisements and what ever else people can say to either recruit players to their alliance or simply to act tough. After 3 days of this, the game changes suddenly on people and their protection bubble is gone. All bases become open to attack and resources are their for the farming. Chat takes on a very different look as spam and foul language will not get you banned and have your account removed but the players themselves take over and attack them instantly and farm their resources leaving them hopeless and afraid to say any more in chat. I started my own alliance just a few days ago to experience this side of things and now the game's site has crashed giving me this chance to write. In fact, I could and have pretty much started to write a manual for tips and help by interacting and selling my alliance. Being in the top alliance in an older sector has given me great knowledge of the game. I can't justifiably write those tips here on the open Internet due to keeping secret hints as my own little selling point for people to join my alliance. As this is really just a big learning experience in the world of game design and web development, I don't take these things too seriously. The serious part is the idea I had this morning. The ultimate goal of the Internet is to become a clear means of communication filtering out lazy and purposeless content. Meaning, spam is coming very near its end and real people who work hard are going to take control of the whole situation. All I can say for now is, this is a very big work in progress which will certainly open a new type of Internet behaviour in the near future. Integrating a game like this with the full on social media will push forth a new era in web design. Imagine if you signed up for Facebook/Twitter/Google+ or others and started your daily spamming and stealing of old and useless content and suddenly a hundred million people attacked and destroyed you page openly and leaving you with utter embarrassment? Likely you would never do that again. If you are interested in further studying this development, feel free to play the game either on Facebook or Google+. Join my alliance in the newly created "Flatland" sector. I go by the name SaskWatch and my alliance is called "Farmers Empire". Have fun and don't be afraid to ask for help. Also, if you don't mind, I'd love a shout out for this blog if you found me from here. Thanks Jared Mysko - Game Web Developer