Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chicken Wings

I am cooking spanish fried rice with honey garlic chicken wings just
to stay warm. I have attempted to increase the temperature with the
fancy digital furnace controls yet I believe we are about to have
Christmas in September. Maybe its the meds making me see things but I
swear I saw a snow flake outside. Yes, you are reading this correctly.
Snow. If I see anymore flake, I will attempt a picture or video. I can
feel it though, winter is here!

I will attempt to increase the temperature further with our deadly
chili paste but I doubt that will prevent the inevitable first
snowfall of the year. If memory serves me correctly, it snows every
year on my birthday whilest I live here in the Queen City. Last year
did not count because Taylor Swift jinx it. LOL

Btw, does anyone know where in the world Britney Spears is. Please
tell her I miss her and to call me soon, thanks.

Jared Mysko
Igloo Designer

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