Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear diary,

Today is Friday. I feel like I got a ton of bricks for legs. The
furnace is on and the weather looks nasty outside. It was +1C 34F when
I first got up this morning. It is now +6C 42F in the middle of the
afternoon. This has to be the coldest September since they declared
Britney Spears was nuts. However, this squirrel is doing just fine
hiding under his pile of nuts. Keeping warm and well fed was the goal
that has been achieved after much mud wrestling and football practice.
Overall life has improved incredibly fast after taking my very
determined advisements from my sister. Regina is being very good to
me, Saskatoon was great in many ways to but it clearly was time to
move on. I enjoy all fitness and charity video work that I do here.
Meeting new people and adjusting to a new life is a great challenge
that I enjoy and cherish everyday. Taking each step forward is a great
achievement to a positive lifestyle. Healthy food, meditation, fresh
air, exercise and mental challenges have increased my .....hold that

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