Thursday, September 9, 2010

Internet Security

Okay, here we go. No new videos until tomorrow morning so I think I
will simply make a post ranting and raving about the great strides we
have made and the bumps in the Internet road that have festered like a
disgusting puss filled pimple. Drowning the masses in a massive waste
of time trying to figure out the obvious that these ridiculous
attempts at Internet security in fact are the very problem in the
first place.

Invention Of Twitter

Fact: publicity is for policing
Fact: privacy is for criminals

Twitter was invented to completely avoid Internet security issues by
eliminating spam, junk mail, viruses, and using spiders to effectively
promote a popular subject. Oh, I know what you are thinking, spiders
are scary! Yes, yes they are. Oh well, so is driving a car at 220 km
per hour, but its fun and scientifically useful.

Deletion Of Email Programs

And you thought spiders were scary!

That may never happen, right. Okay, my momma told me anything is
possible if you want to make it happen. Realistically speaking, let
open it up for discussion. Who knows how far we can go. I bet we have
a lot a great discoveries to come without having to hold back
technology. Hopefully Jupiters moons hold more than just life and
water. I am betting on finding diamonds and other highly useful
producers and conduets of energy.

Anyhoo, perfect my blog is not, question marks my macbook does not
possess, so what i am trying to say is talk to me, ask me something,
anything. I have email management experience that some IT managers
wish they could put on their resumes.

Jared Mysko

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