Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dedication And Loyalty

There is only one person on Earth that speaks to me in a way that I can not ignore, that person is Britney Spears. I've dedicated my blog to her in a very special way. To me she is not just a singer dancer performer but a REAL person who I truly love. She is important to the state of the world and all of its people. Economically, spiritually, and ecologically. We as fans have a responsibility to guide ourselves in this crazy world and enjoy the positive vibes Britney gives us. She is a great leader. See my blog and for how she has changed my life and especially how my youtube videos have progressed over the last few years. Blackout was her first album as far my 'Life with Britney' goes. She saved my life. What more can I say.

All I wanna say today is Thanks.

the past recovered:

the future rebooted:

Jared Mysko

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