Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daily Status Update

Just had my coffee and read the Prairie Dogg newspaper at Atlantis, now I am at the library. I have decided that Regina needs more bicycle parking downtown and will be sending them an email regarding this subject. Also, I have renewed my Canadian Mental Health membership which gives me access to the YMCA. They are doing some major renovations at the Y. It sounds like its going to be really something special.

David Suzuki had an article about sardines in the Prairie Dogg newspaper which was very interesting. He says that sardines are the most efficient means of feeding the hungry on Earth! Cheap, plentiful and they have the lowest impact on resources. Today was a very efficient day as far as my health and wellness are concerned, mental health is setting up an appointment for a vocational counselor and I am going to visit the YMCA to discover more of the services they offer.

All that and a can of sardines! We could really be making some progress here in Regina! I also found out that Regina Transit is beginning a new "R-card" system. "The R-Card is a reloadable smart card that will replace tickets and monthly passes. It can be loaded with pre-paid rides, cash equivalent or monthly pass information."


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