Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nose Pickers

RE: PoorBritney.com Photo of Britney Spears Picking Her Nose

Please please please stop this trend!!!

As many of you nose, Britney Spears is a major trend setter in all things fashionable, musical, dramatical and smellerifical (her perfume line). Unfortunately, she has started a most disturbing trend very recently. People are now picking their nose in public everywhere from the coffee shop to the mall and yes even here at the library. Like they are somehow representing Britney Spears, people seem to feel the urge to pick their nose and fling their snot shots my way. Seriously, if its the time of year that we must all pick our noses, I swear I am not going with this trend. I vow to let my mucus be free and allow nature take its course, however much snot must be it shall be. We must stop this #NosePicker trend from growing. Who nose how many snot balls will clog up the very fabric of society. I am now starting the "Save Your Snot Campaign", please join me and say no to picking your nose!

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Jared Mysko

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