Thursday, February 10, 2011

Status Update: Storm Chasing Photographic Exhibit

Starting April 1st, 2011 there will be a photographic exhibit like no
other, running through the months of April and May at Atlantis Coffee
in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Photographs taken from 2002 to present will be displayed featuring the
colorful works of Jared Mysko, Saskatchewan Storm Chasing and
Freelance Photographer. These photographs will be offered for sale to
the public for the first time ever. Displayed will be works from
across the province featuring lightning, tornadoes, incredible
displays of color only Saskatchewan, the "Land of the Living Skys" can
produce. Each photograph tells a story more than a thousand words
long so this will truely be an epic experience not to be missed.

The beauty, serenity and energy of these photographs will last a
lifetime. Sharing these works with the public is most exciting and
fulfilling as timeless and cherrished art should be. The future of
this great province is measured by the past and presenting it all
shall stir up many of the dreams and wishes of hungry lovers of art
and history making for a vibrant future as amazing as the magical
storms and skyscapes offer to us.

As there is much work to be done preparing for this one of a kind
exhibit, you may notice less posts on this blog as usual. However, as
summer storm season nears, excitement will begin to peak and new
storms will emerge ready to be captured forever in time. Technology
has improved vastly over the past few years and this may yet be the
most active year ever for wild weather on the prairies. Now is the
time to prepare and be aware. Having said that, it is in no way a
reason to be afraid as the most powerful storms are found on the open
prairie and the usual spots will be where they will be found. Only
the most experienced and trained personell are should ever attempt to
keep a great distance from a major thunderstorm. No one should ever
risk injury or encourage amatuers to chase into a wall of destruction.
Most successfully, keeping great distance and enjoying the serene and
utopian states of the 'calm before the storm' make chasing fun and
enjoyable. Yet, it was by choice that taking 4 years off from storm
chasing brought back some sanity to life itself.

not kidding,

Jared Mysko

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