Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did you know that many of the world's currency markets consist of
similar names? I have known of this for many years however I was just
turned back onto the subject after scanning my Internet handicapped
MacBook for interesting topics to discuss. The most exciting widget I
have found since the stock market ticker is clearly the "converter".
It converts all kinds of measurements but I was immediately drawn to
the currency section since money matters. I like money. I find it very
useful at times and learning about money is about as important as
farming or math. Video games and Britney Spears are far more fun
however, I am in rehab from both of them so I must concentrate on
other boring subjects such as the weather, my chess game and now money
markets! Yay! Money can be very funny. So without anymore delay let us
look at the numbers.
The first one that caught my eye was the Brazilian REAL. I thought it
quite appropriate being that my blog is of the same name and google
claims that Jared israel. The spelling IS tricky but don't click off
just yet. How about we look at a more organized list that may shed
more light on where I am going with this blog.
(all currencies are measured against the Canadian Doll as of 18/09/10)
Brazilian Real 1.665
Qatari Rial 3.533
Saudi Riyal 3.639
Russian Ruble 30.073
Indian Rupee 44.511
Indonesian Rupee 8,715.908
Pakistan Rupee 83.107
Canada 1.0
Australia 1.037
New Zealand 1.338
Hong Kong 7.536
Singapore 1.298
Taiwan 30.782
USA 0.971
I will let you decide what it all means. For now here are some more
money market numbers from today, placed in logical order:
South Korea WON 1,126.225
Chinese Yuan 6.53
Japanese Yen 83.345
Mexican Peso 12.432
Euro 0.743
Kuwaiti Dinar 0.278
So to sum up, the DOLL is worth obviously far more the REAL. The most
expensive currency on Earth is a Kuwaiti Dinar. Indonesia and South
Korea are as far from the DOLL as you could humanly possibly get on
this great planet.

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