Friday, September 10, 2010

New video, weather update, futures...

The video has been sent to TwitVid for processing... it should be
online any minute.
Its called,

background track mastered by Jared Mysko
videographer Jared Mysko
musical artist Jared Mysko
produced by Jared Mysko
writen by Jared Mysko
edited by Jared Mysko
choreography by Jared Mysko
dance routine performed by Jared Mysko
background dance tracks by Britney Spears

the weather outside is nasty, i am staying home today.
it is disgustingly windy, cold and wet with a huge chance getting
soaked by flying leaves falling from the rain. Temperature has dropped
to 11 C 51 F

...future plans are for a duet with Britney Spears Bombastic Love,
that is officially my favorite song as of today.


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