Friday, September 10, 2010

second cut- reprocessing video lyrics and credits


Regina Saskatchewan Canada
That is a bunny rabbit that will not move
Regina Saskatchewan Canada
and I thought this was New York
you see those towers I made them
the Plains are gone couldnt save them
two beers added to pork
I moved down from Paris
caps off couldnt
(dance routine) care less
the prairies are too short
my vane weather is insane
her house takes a HUGE crane

background track mastered by Jared Mysko
videographer Jared Mysko
musical artist Jared Mysko
produced by Jared Mysko
writen by Jared Mysko
edited by Jared Mysko
choreography by Jared Mysko
dance routine performed by Jared Mysko
background dance tracks by Britney Spears
additional sound effects by Apple Inc.

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