Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google + School

Lots of people are asking about the new social media network by the name of Google Plus or G+ for short.
Three major issues people ask me about are:
1. How do I join Google Plus?
Answer: You get an invite. You could ask anyone who already uses Google Plus for an invite or you could even ask me!
2. How do I get a short personalized name for Google Plus?
Answer: Go to the site and follow the simple instructions. Try my link out and see how it works:
3. How do I share my posts from Google Plus to my other networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook?
Answer: Google's Chrome browser is required for this. Press the "+" button to open a new tab on your browser. From that new screen, you should see "Apps", "Most visited" and "Recently closed". Go to "Apps" and click "Web Store". In the "Chrome Web Store" you will find all sorts of useful applications. From there you can either search "google plus sharing" or directly click on this link for Extended Share for Google Plus by Verified author:
Hopefully that clears up any problems for new people joining Google Plus. Again, feel free to add me into your circles at Now I can get back to playing/testing the new social games on G+, attack or challenge me there!
Have a Great day, Plus!
Jared Mysko

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