Friday, November 18, 2011

Game / Web Designers Read This

A funny thing happened to me this morning/afternoon when I ridiculously overslept due to staying up unbelievably later the previous night, to play the game Edgeworld. I woke up with a great idea. You see I have spent an inhumanly dangerous amount of time playing the game Edgeworld by KABAAM lately. I find it very interesting how the game incorporates a chat window with making alliances and building your base harvesting resources with the goal of making the strongest base in the top alliance. Things get pretty wild when the game opens and entire new sector for new player as well as veterans in older sectors. The chat window is a blaze with wild and outrageous comments, claims, advertisements and what ever else people can say to either recruit players to their alliance or simply to act tough. After 3 days of this, the game changes suddenly on people and their protection bubble is gone. All bases become open to attack and resources are their for the farming. Chat takes on a very different look as spam and foul language will not get you banned and have your account removed but the players themselves take over and attack them instantly and farm their resources leaving them hopeless and afraid to say any more in chat. I started my own alliance just a few days ago to experience this side of things and now the game's site has crashed giving me this chance to write. In fact, I could and have pretty much started to write a manual for tips and help by interacting and selling my alliance. Being in the top alliance in an older sector has given me great knowledge of the game. I can't justifiably write those tips here on the open Internet due to keeping secret hints as my own little selling point for people to join my alliance. As this is really just a big learning experience in the world of game design and web development, I don't take these things too seriously. The serious part is the idea I had this morning. The ultimate goal of the Internet is to become a clear means of communication filtering out lazy and purposeless content. Meaning, spam is coming very near its end and real people who work hard are going to take control of the whole situation. All I can say for now is, this is a very big work in progress which will certainly open a new type of Internet behaviour in the near future. Integrating a game like this with the full on social media will push forth a new era in web design. Imagine if you signed up for Facebook/Twitter/Google+ or others and started your daily spamming and stealing of old and useless content and suddenly a hundred million people attacked and destroyed you page openly and leaving you with utter embarrassment? Likely you would never do that again. If you are interested in further studying this development, feel free to play the game either on Facebook or Google+. Join my alliance in the newly created "Flatland" sector. I go by the name SaskWatch and my alliance is called "Farmers Empire". Have fun and don't be afraid to ask for help. Also, if you don't mind, I'd love a shout out for this blog if you found me from here. Thanks Jared Mysko - Game Web Developer

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