Monday, May 14, 2012

Work Experience

2012 is turning out to be a busy year. Having begun mental and physical heath recovery, meetings with all types of professionals, completing a life skills course at the Regina Food Bank and REACH cooking class. Spring has brought the most significant change with a move down-town, into Regina's newest facility for persons with serious mental health conditions. At the same time, the NOW Program at Partners In Employment got under way to help facilitate returning to the work place. Five weeks later, with the 'in class' portion completed, supervised on the job training began. Daily projects being completed ahead of schedule using Corel Draw X6 are a step in the right direction. Here is a sample of what the latest new program for designers can do using the contour tool and fish eye lens tool combined with a magnified effect. The fish appears to have a larger eye and is turning to face the camera.... possibly getting ready to jump off the screen!

Image designed using Corel Draw X6
Original photo edited in 2006 graphic design school using Adobe PhotoShop / Illustrator

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